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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Author Spotlight Kassanna Welcome to Club Lexx

I'm so happy to have Kassanna here with me today.  If you read her books be prepared for a cold shower or have a hot hunk on standby. She truly puts the E in Erotic.  Her books should come with a warning label that should  state reading Kassanna's books can become highly addicting.
Kassanna is also holding a giveaway of her most current release Keep Me Satisfied to one very lucky commenter. All you need do is leave her a comment on my blog and she will pick one of you as the winner. Easy right?
So now that I got my 2 cents in, I am happy to present Kassanna.

Welcome to Club Lexx.
I was a partier many, many years ago. If there was a party, I was there! Can we say hardcore party animal…seriously think Animal House (The movie). There wasn’t a club, after hours joint or house party that I hadn’t attended.  One day it dawned on me that I was becoming rather well known in some rather unsavory circles. Not just that but “Oh Crap!” my grades were suffering. Sorry I forgot to add I was in college at the time and if you knew my mom you’d understand why I say “Uh Oh”. That little mixed Sicilian woman could wield a wooden spoon like no other and yes even at my age I’m still scared of her.
I digress…getting back to Club Lexx. I wanted to give you a bit of back story. Now fast forward a number of years.
While traversing the black-top on the long drive back to my home I was listening to the radio. The windows were down and the wind was whipping through the car. Well an ad came on for a popular club in that area and it was enticing. I mean I haven’t clubbed in years – I’m talking two digit numbers here.  Needless to say I got excited and on the long drive with only the rhythm and the thumping base of the music to keep me company, I let my imagination run wild.  Whip Me Real Good, my erotic novella was born at that moment.
John’s story spawned Adam’s tale and hot damn a series was created.  I’ve included a blurb to my new release, Keep Me Satisfied. I truly hope you enjoy reading about Adam as much as I enjoyed writing it. Between you and me I think Adam is a whole lot freakier than John.  It’s a pretty close tossup so I’ll let you form your own opinion. I also want to share a little secret …Ready?
One of my current WIP’s is about Luther, John’s brother, and he could definitely be a front runner in that freak contest. I’ll let you know when his story comes out.
Thanks for taking the time to meet me and a special shout out to Shannan for having me.
Happy Reading my Friends.

Club Lexx, 2
Alexandra "Lex" Lexington is on the run. She thought she could handle the stalker that dogged her every step. Realizing how wrong she was, she sought the protection of her brother, John. New problems arise, namely John's sexy security specialist, Adam Manchester. Buried desire for the infuriating man have risen to the surface and Lex institutes a plan of seduction that he'll never see coming.

But her stalker has found her again with deadly intentions.

Adam Manchester handles John's security for the Lexington Corp. He and John have been friends since childhood, and he knows the family well. Lex, she's special, and not just to her brothers, but to him. Just not in a brotherly fashion. Now John is asking him to look after her while he's away on business. Adam's problem—how does he watch the woman that he desires to possess without acting on those long denied feelings?
Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition.
“Gotcha.” Thick arms grabbed her by the middle from behind, pulling her away from the edge.
Lex didn’t think about it. She reacted. Her boot came down hard on the in-step of the foot next to hers. She was abruptly let go and took a step forward, turning on the ball of her feet before she tumbled over the edge of the loading bay. She slipped to the side and out of the reach of the unknown person, and then drew herself to her full height, dropping her arms and forming fists in anticipation, ready to counter another attack.
She looked right into the cool brown eyes of Adam.
“What the hell was that for?” Adam yelled, stretching out his leg and rotating his foot.
“I didn’t know who was behind me. You could have been a damn stalker for all I knew. You should’ve said something.” She relaxed her shoulders and hands.
“That wouldn’t have been a problem if you’d stayed in the damn club.” He took a menacing step toward her.
“Funny, last I checked John was gone and my daddy was dead. Sorry, but your opinion doesn’t count.” Lex held her ground and raised her chin.
“I think that’s part of your problem. J.L. should have spanked you as a child. Instead he let you run around wild thinking you could do anything without any fear of the consequences.” Adam moved closer.
“Spankings? Are you kidding? I feel sorry for any kid you have. As for daddy, let’s leave him out of this. As I see it right now, you’re not quite measuring up to the man.” Her heart pounded in her chest and the breeze whipping through the loading dock chilled her damp skin.
“You always did have a sharp tongue. Maybe it’s time someone to taught you a lesson.” Adam was in her space so close she could see the pulsing vein at the side of his neck.
“Really? You and what army?” Lex looked up at him, meeting his gaze, and cocked an arched brow.
She knew she’d gone too far when she felt the pinch of Adam’s fingers on her sides. The wind ruffled her hair, pushing the short tresses into her face as he walked her backwards the few steps to pin her against the wall. He leaned in and rested his forearms against the concrete block on either side of her head. His pushed a hard thigh between her legs, forcing her to separate them. She lifted her eyes and met his. Her breathing was coming in short pants and her heart played racquetball with her ribs.
She had only ever dreamed he would get this close to her. Lex bit down on the inside of her cheek, flinching from the pain. Not a dream. She went on the offensive.
Closing her eyes and grabbing his face, she pulled his head down as she rose up on her toes and pressed her lips to his. She licked at his lips and slid her hands around his neck, one hand rubbing the silky hairs at the back of his head.
She felt his momentary hesitation before he gave into the kiss. On a sigh, his lips parted and she pressed her tongue forward, slipping it into his mouth. Darting back and forth, deeper into the warm recesses of his mouth, she tasted the hint of peppermint on his breath before pulling back. She nibbled on his bottom lip with her teeth. Vibrations rumbled in his chest from the groans escaping through his lips, and Lex’s body reacted to the material that bunched and stretched between them. Her nipples ached as they became sharp points beneath the thin cloth of her bra. Adam’s hands moved to grip her shoulders and she felt his fingertips digging into her soft skin through her shirt. He wedged his hard thigh against her pussy, levering her higher, pushing the seam of her pants and panties between the damp recess of her nether lips. 

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  1. Wow! What a Hot excerpt. *fans self* Can't wait to read more of this story. Thanks for the post.

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  2. Congrats, you little party animal! Lol
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  3. Love the characters! Scene was great! Can't wait to read more.

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