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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday -My Organized Chaos System to Life

Happy Work Week!
As everyone starts their week with their list of things to accomplish- even if it is just to survive the day- and you have a clear picture of what your up against. Here is a pic which might perk you up a bit as your list grows longer.
I don't make lists, never have. I blame it on my piscean nature. Like my work space my brain works in an organized chaos which makes my fellow Virgo's cringe in horror. The fact I'm a triple water threat with a Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, and Cancer as my rising, well I take going with the flow to a whole new level.
In other words, Organization is a learned art for me. Even though I started writing as a Plotter, with every thing done in graphs and charts I soon tired of it finding my writing too stilted. I flipped totally the other way doing what is called panster. In essence, writing by the seat of my pants with no idea where the story would lead me. Didn't work to well for me either. I found the delicate balance between plotter and panster. Thus...organized chaos was born :)
I start with a basic concept, a filled out bio for each pivotal character in the book and go with it. Hey, it works for me, lol! This is how the Dark Breed Enforcers and Knights of Excalibur were born.
And this leads into my segue, (see, organized chaos in action here.) on recent news front I have a big blog tour coming up in April for Knights of Excalibur. I kick things off with my tour on April 17th going through to June 12th. On April 18th I'll be guest blogging on Book Boost and yes, I am doing a giveaway of the latest release The Kings Lady to one lucky commenter.
On the Dark Breed Enforcers I am finishing up a delightful novella set in my Dark Breed world that has an interesting ending you may enjoy. Remember Mari? the vampire owner of the Enforcers favorite hang out The Asp? Well she has a story to tell that opens up more details about this world as well as first look at one of my characters mates.
After Dark Hunter I hope to finish Zeke's book, Dark Desire soon after. This takes up where Tegan's book finished. I am also working on the fourth book in the series. Not telling you who the character is yet, but by the time Dark Desire is finished you will figure it out.
I'm also working on a historical Dragon shifter book which is filling out nicely and The Summoning which I am hoping to have done in a few more months.
How am I doing so many at the same time? Again, it's organized chaos at it's finest. When I need to work out something in one WIP I click on another and work on it until I come to a stopping point and go back to the original one I was working on or to another story.
How do I keep everything separate? Ah, easy. I have the bios of all my characters on my desk where I just flip through them as I work on their stories.
Damn right and works for me very well. Not that I recommend it to anyone else, it's just my way of working through things.
And now it's back to my delightful disorganized, organized mess. Yeah, a bit of an oxymoron statement and fits me to a tee. Hope you get all those goals for your week checked off this week and we will talk next week. 

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