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The Romance Reviews

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Birth of a Novel

     The wait is over and I am happy to announce my first book, Dark Passion Rising: A Dark Breed Novel  has been accepted. From first conception to the final draft the road can be grueling. For me as a plotter outlines and character descriptions are the first and most important part of the process. Only after these are done can the writing process start.
     Do I follow this religiously? No, it's more a guide post for the pivotal plot lines that must take place and when. What comes between often changes and that is what gives the story depth. I also listen to what my characters say to me which sometimes is opposite of what I want them to do. Like a child growing as the story grows they become independent of their parent. It can be painful and exciting to watch them grow.
   My job isn't done after all edits are done though, now comes the most difficult job for me as a writer.

     Marketing. (Dramatic music please)

     How to generate interest is difficult and often times a writer can spend a lot of there time just on getting word out about your new book. Then there is the Book Trailer, Blog spots and the nerve wracking process of sending your baby to reviewers. No one wants to hear that their baby is ugly! Lol. It's hard to remember that their opinion is only that. Their opinion.

     Okay, now you have a buzz going about your soon to be released book, what then?

      More Marketing! (More dramatic music)

     More guest blogs if you can finagle an invite, and for a chunk of change you can have it advertised with the more popular websites which can really boost your sales and keep getting your name out there. It's a tough business out there and getting a fan base can be a slow process. Let's face it without the readers why write the books? Contests and being available to them through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites along with your blog keeps your name fresh in their minds.

     The process from idea to novel is hard and rewarding but I would never change a thing. My love of the printed word and Romance in general nourishes me as it does with all writers I'm sure. And sometimes even marketing your book can be fun. It's all a process that when all said and done, I would never change. I love what I do and plan to do it for a very long time.


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