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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview with a Las Vegas Vampire

Marcus Valerian's first ever interview!

     I find Las Vegas an unusual place to find a Vampire. Since we average about 300 days of sunlight per year with 1.95 million people living here I wonder how he manages to keep out of the sun and keep his identity a secret.  We meet in the Fitzgerald’s coffee shop. The Fitzgerald’s is one of the many older casinos that line the Fremont Experience in what is called old town Las Vegas. Built before the strip became the hot spot for tourists, it is a unique place to visit with its canopy of dazzling lights displaying above your head ,buskers playing music, artist showing their works and even contortionist entertaining the many tourists and locals alike.  
     Sitting in the coffee shop I know when he enters since every female head turns in his direction with looks of appreciation you would have to be dead not to notice him. Tall, dark and deadly comes to mind with I look at Marcus Valerian, leader of the Enforcers and the hero of Dark Passion Rising. His eyes lock with mine and a small smile softens his handsome features making me happy I’m sitting down since my legs would be wet noodles in response to that smile. Sitting across from me we exchange small talk, he is relaxed and ready to go.
     Shannan: So, Marcus I have to ask you something that has been puzzling me for some time      now. Why did you pick Las Vegas of all places for your headquarters?
     Marcus: It may seem like an odd place for a Vampire but in reality not much happens until the sun goes down. The night life here is much more active than in other large cities, also the Dark Breed gravitates toward large populations since it is easier to hide in plain sight so to speak.
     Shannan: What do you like to do when you have the night off?
     Marcus: (Laughs at this.) I do what anyone would do. Relax; take in a show or dinner listen to music.
     Shannan: What show have you seen recently that you really liked?
     Marcus: That would have to be Bite.
     Shannan: Should have known you would like the one show in Vegas that’s about Vampires. So you didn’t mention any gambling. Do you gamble?
     Marcus: I have never been that interested in games of chance. I leave that to Christophe, he has made taking chances an art form.
     Shannan: Ah yes, Christophe is one of your Enforcers and a Vampire like you isn’t he?
     Marcus: Yes, I think he is still sowing his wild oats. He is only three hundred years old after all.
     Shannan: Hummm…yes and you are two-thousand? Don’t you ever get bored of living; I mean that’s a long time it must get pretty dull?
     Marcus: There have been times when I thought so yes but, being an Enforcer, working with the Tribunal to keep not only the Dark Breeds safe but Humanity also has given me the purpose needed to carry through to long centuries.
     Shannan: Also now you have Tambra is that right? (I watch him smile softly at the mention of Tambra’s name.)
      Marcus: Tambra has made my life a wondrous place to be alive in. She is everything I could have ever hoped for. She is my Consort, my life and future.
     Shannan: Wow, lucky girl! This Consort business is very rare and you are just finding out what it all entails. Would you care to fill us in on any details?
     Marcus: Let me say only this, our bond is growing everyday and has given me powers surpassing my normal abilities.
     Shannan: Please share just a few of these if you will.
     Marcus: I am not affected by the sun as I was before. I am also stronger and faster than before we bonded.
     Shannan: I remember you stating in your book that the sun would bring on a comatose state but you wouldn’t go crispy critter if you were caught out in it. Am I correct?
     Marcus: Quite true, but now I can stay in the sun without the pull toward sleep. I find it quite fascinating really.
     Shannan: There are a lot of things about you that debunk many of the Vampire myths aren’t there?
     Marcus: Absolutely, I eat just like you, we are not deterred nor harmed by holy water or consecrated ground and I personally happen to be quite fond of garlic. Yes we need blood in addition but one feeding keeps us strong for at least a week when followed by a balanced diet. And I do cast a reflection in the mirror, thankfully since that would make shaving quite dangerous.
     Shannan: You will be coming to speak personally on my Blog is that right?
    Marcus: Yes, I will be there to answer any questions there may be all day.
    Shannan: Could I impose upon you to pick the winner of your story Dark Passion Rising?
     Marcus: It would be my pleasure.
     Shannan: Well then I will let you go for now and look forward to seeing you again.
     As we wrap this interview up I am struck by Marcus Valerian’s old world charm. This guy is truly the whole package and Tambra Ellis is one lucky lady.
     Marcus is ready for any questions you may have on my Blog all day on Wednesday April 20. Please put your email address in the comments so you can be notified if you are the lucky winner of Marcus’s story Dark Passion Rising: A Dark Breed Novel.
Good Luck
Shannan Albright


  1. 'crispy critter' ~snicker~
    Can't wait for Christophe's story. ;)
    Great interview!
    C.R. Moss

  2. "that would make shaving quite dangerous." Good point! Thanks for doing this interview, Marcus!