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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to another 6 from Passions Flight

Looks like Tegan and Kyra are enjoying a little excersise at the ferals expense.

The feral dodged in low, aiming for her legs, in an attempt to seperate her from Tegans protection. With a  quick shift to the side, she flipped the knife into her other hand, the ferals forward momentum carried him past her and she plunged the blade deep into his back  twisting it with all her strength.
Pulling it out as the feral fell to her feet she widened her stance and bent her knees, giving the other wolf a pinky wave ,she smiled sweetly. “Want to play?”
“Damn woman, I was just about ready to take back my knife, afraid you would stab me by mistake.” Tegan gave her a quick grin, approval showing in the wicked gleam of his eyes.

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  1. Wonderful six sentences! I wish you a ton of sales with your books! Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween!

    Stephanie Adkins

  2. At least Tegan's getting a taste of what he's in for! :) Nice six, Shannan. :)