The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen -Beloved Wizard

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I'm back after a week off doing family stuff and excited to bring you a dozen more snippets of my new release Beloved Wizard.

Merci frowned at him. “You don’t get to tell me you love me if you’re not around to show it.”

“No, after that.” He waved a dismissive hand in the air which set her irritation up another notch.

“That I would run you through if I had Excalibur. So, what’s the deal? Why is that so important to you all of a sudden?”

Drake pulled her up against him, his skin, warmed from the sun, felt way too good against her cooler flesh. Instinct screamed for her to step away, but she was mesmerized by the slow smile that played across his lips. Then his head bent, slanting across hers until they sealed together in a searing kiss that made her toes curl and her breathing grow ragged. Parting, he stared down at her with sparkling eyes and laughed. “I know just who we need to find to remove the curse.”

See you next Friday for another dozen.


  1. I love stories of Arthur and reincarnation. That cover is quite spectacular.