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The Romance Reviews

Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen - Beloved Wizard

Welcome to another dozen from Beloved Wizard. Released November 1, 2011 from Extasy Books.

The plot thickens as Merci uses mirror magic to deliver them to their only hope of saving themselves from Nimue's curse. Excalibur and with it the Goddess Viviane.

“I know why you seek Excalibur. Nimue gets bold in her hunger for power and revenge against you, Arthur and even her sister, Viviane. Because of this, Excalibur has been moved and I know not where,” Lancelot stated with regret. “If you wish to rest before heading on your journey, I would be honored to escort you to the castle.”
Drake gave Merci a quick glance. The shake of her head was barely perceptible. “We are kind of pressed but I promise to let Arthur know about you. If you choose to stand and fight with us, I know he would welcome you.”
Lancelot looked to mull over Drake’s words for a minute. “I will wait to hear from you if I am welcomed then,” he said before his large form shimmered and disappeared as if he never stood before them at all. 
“Wow, that was…unusual,” Merci said, awe apparent on her small face. “So that really was Lancelot?”

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