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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Author Spotlight Presents R.M.Sotera Journey into Cassadega Moon

R.M. Sotera and the journey into Cassadaga Moon

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shannan Albright for spotlighting me once again. You’re probably wondering why I’m a guest again so soon after my last spotlight, well, it’s mainly to discuss the road to publication for my novel:
 Cassadaga Moon.

How did this book come about:  I go through many different processes when I sit down to write, however, with Cassadaga Moon, I literally stepped into the world of ‘real vampires’, aka, sang and psy.  I began to research the lifestyle or as some say subculture seven years ago.  I was preparing to write my first romance novel, and wanted something different.  I needed a great hook.  I’d always heard about people, who’d believed they were vampiric, however, I thought it was a hoax that is until I started doing my research. I read every book I could get my hands on, specifically those written by Arlene Russo and Katherine Ramsland.  Then I started sniffing around online. The vampire community, specifically the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, helped me in understanding the subculture through several different interviews.  And then I was lucky enough to meet-up with a few sang vampires in the Las Vegas area who helped my understanding even further.  They are a very private group, which is totally understandable, so I let them choose the times and places of our meetings.

 So, I took what I knew about the subculture and decided that I wanted to push the envelope further by bringing the fetish of bloodplay into my story.  I learned through my research that there is a fine line between the two, and that many people confuse vampirism with bloodplay.  They are not the same.  However, many people who are vampires delve into that fetish on occasion.

However, for my story, I wanted my hero to like bloodplay too.  I wanted to up the ante as much as possible.  So with a storyline that encompassed a good Catholic girl and a real vampire with a much darker side, I wrote the book.  After several re-writes I felt it was finished and I was ready to find an agent.  Not so easy.

Stop the press.  I mean I knew that the subject matter of this book was dark, however, I didn’t realize how dark until the rejection letters began to pile up in my office.  And most of them said the same thing, that the material was to dark, to the point I would most likely scare readers.  But, I kept pushing because the story wasn’t about the vampirism (that just happened to be a really kick-ass conflict) it was about the love between a jaded and broken man with a different belief system and a Catholic girl.

So, 350 rejection letters later, Siren Publishing picked up Cassadaga Moon.  They felt the story was intriguing and very unique, and thus they took a chance on the book and my story came to fruition.

In closing I would like to say:  If you have a story that you truly believe in, don’t stop until it finds a home.  How many well-known authors have been rejected on stories that have turned out to be best-selling books?  Do the research, you will find out that there are a ton of authors out there who just kept believing in their stories and pushing forward.

Peace and Love your way. Keep on reading and writing.  Leave me a comment and I’ll reply.
RM Sotera J

Cassadaga Moon Blurb:

In the quaint town of Cassadaga, Florida, life isn’t quite what it seems. For the strictly raised Catholic Mia Christini, life is nothing like it seems. There are only three things Mia is sure of—her best friend Cindi might just be crazy, her boss is losing control, and morals are overrated.
Weary of existing by a moral compass, she is ready and waiting for a one-night stand. She’s twentysomething, and it’s about time. When Jordan De L’croix sets his sights on her, she finds out that her integrity isn’t the only thing she needs to worry about, especially from a man who gets, or takes, what he wants with ease.
And what he craves isn’t just her virginity. He craves her blood, redemption, and true love.
Note: Hero and heroine involved in acts of vampirism.
Carefully he touched her knee then spread her legs. The cool breeze kissed her thighs. Her legs quivered. Lying spread-eagle, his eyes danced over her body. He didn’t need to say anything, his face said it all. Again, he had a way of making her feel uninhibited, sexy, and alive.
His cock jutted forward. In all his naked glory, beautiful didn’t describe him. “You’re staring at me,” he whispered.
More to the point, she was staring at the size of his cock. Now that the time had come for sex, it looked a lot bigger than she remembered.
“Sorry. I…”
“Do you want me, Mia?”
She nodded and pushed against her restraints. The things were tight.
Standing in front of the swing, he pushed her body upward, securely holding her weight against his chest. “Say it then.”
“I want you,” she admitted, but so low she wasn’t sure she actually said the words.
He chuckled and covered her lips with his. Deepening the kiss, he slid his hand inside the wetness between her legs. “I know you want me, darlin’. I can see it in your face, feel it between your legs. But I want to hear you say what you want me to do to you. So I can make sure I’m doing everything.”
With his hand lodged between her legs, he massaged his fingers in and out.
His touch ignited every nerve in her body. A gentle sway of his hand sent her body into overdrive, and she started to grind against his hand. “I want you to do everything to me.”
So when the cut to her thigh came, there was only time for screams of pleasure.
His body shifted, and he bent to his knees. With one hand he pushed the swing, with the other his fingers went deeper into her pussy. His mouth devoured the cut, and the more she arched her back, the faster his tongue licked the salty, thick, ruby-red liquid. Time halted. The moment she thought she couldn’t take anymore, that she was completely spent, her body exploded into one orgasm after another.
“Oh my God,” she whimpered, pushing against the restraints. Wanting desperately to wrap her arms around him.
Removing his sheathed finger, he lifted his head. “Oh, sweet girl, God has nothing to do with it. It’s all me.” A chuckle crept from his lips as he redeposited his finger into the moistness.
Her muscles contracted. “Wait—I don’t think I can take anymore,” she murmured. Again she tried in vain to push away against the restraints, even lifting her shoulders.
An unexpected measure of wildness moved over his features. “I don’t think you are going to undo those ties, sweet thing.”
She recognized the ragged heat in his gaze, the sweet pull of his primal desire. Without hesitation, Mia domed her body, asking for more.
With his tongue, he opened back up the small cut, sucking hard. Then he licked at the wound.
Please don’t stop…never stop. If this is wrong, I’m ready to go to hell now. If loving you is wrongI will suffer any consequences.
This time when she came close to orgasm, he released his mouth from her thigh, locking his gaze on her as she came in his hand. After the last jolt of ecstasy pummeled her body, he put his fingers to his mouth and licked clean the remnants of her juice. “You are an incredible woman, and I love you.”
Overwhelmed with passion, she studied his flawless features and her heart did handsprings in her chest. “I love you, too, so much. You are forever…my man.”
Wanting to freeze-frame the moment forever in time, she took an imaginary picture, sealing it next to her heart.
“I want to make love to you, woman. I want to hear you talk dirty to me. Right now.”
The time had come. The deed would be done. Oh boy, now his penis looked like it was a missile. “Wait,” she whispered. “WaitWhat do you mean talk dirty to you?”
Two strong hands cupped her legs. “No. Not this time. Relax, darlin’, I won’t hurt you.” His voice was no longer soft and gentle but sparked with need and a small amount of frustration. “No worries, I’ll teach you dirty talk.”
Oh god, she felt if he touched her she would incinerate into millions of pieces. This was it, her final moment of Catholic virginity. Relax, Mia, he won’t hurt youhe’s even going to teach you to talk dirty. In all reality, she knew what talking dirty was about, she just wasn’t sure she could do it.
A calming sensation moved through her body as he mounted her and slid his cock halfway in. Her legs tensed, she couldn’t help it.
“Relax. One more push and I’ll be deep inside you.”
Naked desire warmed her, and she did as she was told, relaxed. He slid himself deeper into her, and she moaned. “You feel so good,” she whimpered. And he did feel awesome, she couldn’t lie. Yes, it was a tad painful but not as much as she envisioned it would hurt.
Slowly he rocked his body against hers. The movement glided the swing back and forth. Her body prepared to explode again as her muscles tensed and the orgasm grew closer. A small moan of pleasure escaped her lips. You feel so good.

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  1. The blurb and excerpt sound really interesting. I can't wait to read this book to see what happens between Mia and Jordan. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. I'd love to read this book! I live around 10 minutes from Cassadaga & used to work there years ago!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  3. Good for you, RM! I'm glad you never gave up. Congrats on finding a publisher for your story. :)

    nevadafox AT gmail DOT com

  4. OMG - I turned blue because I forgot to breathe while reading that excerpt, I kid you not...WOW! That was HAWT! I am so glad you found a publisher, RM! You are a new to me author, that is now a favorite, lol! I've got to go make a list of your books and put them on my wishlist right now!
    Thank you SO much for the giveaway op!
    I hope 2012 brings you every happiness and golden opportunity for more books!!

    Gena Robertson

  5. Wow! I have a fever now. I need something to cool down. Good thing cold weather is around the corner.

    Happy 2012!

  6. You are all so very kind. I hope you like Cassadaga Moon, and the world they are part of. Thanks for commenting on Shannan's blog about my book and story.

    Peace and love to all.

    RM :)

  7. I just got a chance to read this and I'm glad you kept trying until it was published. This story sounds really good, can't wait to read it.

  8. Tina,

    Thanks for the post. Yes, I am glad I kept pushing with this story too. I can tell you, I wanted to give up several times - especially when people in the business told me it would never fly (my idea) and that it was just to dark of a story. But, I kept pushing, and I'm so glad that I did. In this business, you really do have to have balls made of steel, even if you're a female.

    I hope you enjoy the read. All the best to you.

    RM :)