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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome to a wonderful New Year! Over the New Years I opened my blog up to some extraordinary talent. Please take a moment to read the blurbs of these great books. I think you will find some new favorite authors to start your new years with. This was so successful that I will most likely be doing it again in the near future. I will let you know when it comes around so you can be prepared to read all the blurbs that will be left. While everyone is making their resolutions, starting that diet or just thinking about being more healthy. I just hope to keep my head above water while I complete all those books I started in 2011. I am finishing the first round of edits for Passion's Flight and hope to have them in by Friday. Whew! Then it's back to pounding the keyboards to get out Colin's story in the Knights of Excalibur. I also have a rough started on Zeke's story which is next in the Dark Breeds Series and I also have other stories in various stages of completion. If things go well I will have a banner year for books out for publication. 
It's been a crazy holiday season for me but I survived and am ready to meet all the challenges for a wonderful new year. I wish all of you a successful start to 2012 and we will talk again next week when I  once again start up Pick Me Up Mondays.

Until then have a fantastic week

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  1. I always love coming to visit your site, always great reviews and interviews. I love your photos too - it is a wonder my little lap top is still working and hasnt fried out with all the slobbering licks on the screne it has went through - LOL

    I am so excited for you and cant wait to read your awesome work when they get published. Sending you Cyber Hugs for the New Year!