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The Romance Reviews

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday - Four Days to RomCon!

Happy Monday to you. I love this pic it reminds me so much of the main character I'm writing. A hunky demon by the name of Icademous. I'm very excited about this story of demons, witches and of course angels. I will tell you more of Ice and his world in later blogs.

In other news I've been crazy busy preparing for RomCon and looking forward to the event and meeting everyone. No matter how many books you publish there is one thing I call a universal truth in my business. Writers are readers and as such we have our favorite authors and we get just as excited to meet them. For me it's Alexandria Ivy, Teresa Mederios and Kelly Armstrong just to name a few.

One thing that is bad about all the preparations going on is I've had little time to devote to writing this week, something which drives me a bit crazy I must admit. I am hoping to make more headway the early part of this week since I have everything pretty much done and set and have the time free. Yay!

I will have more on RomCon and pictures too! on Tuesday next week so catch up with me there.

Have a fantastic week!

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