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The Romance Reviews

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday- Did I Ever Mention I Hate Mondays?

Here we are, another Monday. This beautiful pic should ease some of the suffering.
I have always hated Mondays. They are the toughest day of the week, the one day where if anything can go wrong, you can bet it will happen on a Monday.
I think what makes Monday's so hard is that it's hard to get back into they routine of your day once you've had two days to do as you damn well please. In my case, I have two glorious days to immerse myself in my writing, letting my muse go hog wild and any other reality just fades away.
I think this zen area writers get into is the reason it can be so addicting. Then here comes Monday, it's sole purpose is to mess your flow up and pull you back into the reality of paying bills and day jobs.
In my opinion? It sucks rocks.
All right, bitching done and I feel so much better now that I've vented lol!
What the heck have I been doing this week? Working hard on both Zeke's book Dark Desire and my historical Soul Fire. I find the hardest part of writing any book to be the first three chapters. For some reason I always end up rewriting those pages at least three times before I can move forward.
The good news? Both of these WIP's are almost past the third chapter and I now have them the way I want them so hopefully the rest of the writing will go smoother.

Well that's all for now, I have vented, and kibitzed and have not other reason to procrastinate further, so it's back to work and we will chat again next Monday. Maybe I should just call it the M word?

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