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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday!
Here in Las Vegas the temp is rising and for those who are basking in the summer heat here is a little something to cool you down...or get you steamed up :)

Due to the holiday, Monday Pick Me Up is Tuesday Tidbits. I figured everyone; me included were busy being with family and friends eating all that wonderful BBQ and enjoying the day.
I had a marvelous time getting with my mother-in-law and eating hamburgers and chatting. She has been my muse in so many ways, from teaching me how to oil paint to being my fan with my writing, I couldn't ask for a more wonderful mom. 
 For me, the hardest part of my WIPs has always been the first three chapters. This is my Mt. Everest to climb, and for some reason, it takes at least three or more revisions for me to be happy enough to finish them. After getting through those chapters the rest of my WIP's (usually) flow and finish quickly. There is always one that breaks the rule, Passion's Flight being the one which to date, has been the hardest for me to get through. Still, the majority holds true to form.
Unfortunately, I'm struggling with the first three chapters on three books I'm working on right now and have already changed the beginnings on these multiple times.
 I'm a glutton for punishment it seems, lol! All I can say is once I'm through this hell the rest will be bliss and should easily have them finished and ready to go soon after.
Well back to the battle at hand perhaps I will talk about procrastination next, it would seem to be something I'm a master at  when begining a book. Have a wonderful week and we will chat again.

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