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The Romance Reviews

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday - Countdown to a Special Reveal

Happy Monday!
I thought I'd start the week with a splash. I love the contours and play of shadows you get with black-and-white  pictures. I can look at this one for hours and never get tired of it. For me, it's the male form at its most powerful and alluring.
Now, to pull myself back to what I've got going on this week. I've been hinting for weeks about a special project I've been working on. I'm in the first round of edits, and it will be released mid September. What I will tell you is it is a group effort and for some of us, it is our first foray into the world of self-publishing, but not my last.
Speaking about publishing, I'm back hard at work on Zeke's book Dark Desire for Evernight and look to be done with the rough in September. It's neck to neck with my first self-published  series Soul Fire, which is my historical paranormal. Fall promises to be a hectic season with several releases on the table, including Hot Mojave Knights reader event coming only two months away in October.
 Already we are making plans for Hot Mojave Knights 2014 and what books I will be releasing for next year, both self-published  and small published. I am also going to be actively seeking an agent to further my career and look forward to the next year with great expectations.
Well, it's back to work for me. See you next Monday and have a wonderful week.

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