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The Romance Reviews

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday - What's in store for you this week?

Happy Monday!
I may be stuck behind a computer eighteen hours a day, but this gives my mind a chance to travel the highways with this god of masculine perfection. I live vicariously through my imagination lol!
Hope everyone had a great week and are geared up for another one. I have author Nicky Penttila with me on Thursday talking about her historical release. I got a chance to hook up with her (finally) at RomCon. We have been Facebook friends for quite a long time so it was great to get face time with this talented lady.
I also have a Q & A going on at Author Island today so stop by and check it out. I'm running full throttle with the time ticking by. I have a Christmas Anthology deadline of Aug. 30th, working hard on my historical paranormal (dragon shifters are so damn hot! - just saying.) In addition, Dark Desire is getting closer to being finished. (Whoot)The way things are working I will more than likely be finishing the rough draft of Dark Desire, Zeke's book and Soul Fire around the same time, which is freaking cool!
The muse is humming happily in my ear and I'm in an excellent space these days for writing. What more can I ask for? Well, I could quit my day job, and some day that will be a reality, just not right at the moment. So I multi-task and work for that day.
As soon as I put Dark Desire to bed I start work on Cody's story, I know after you read Dark Desire you will be screaming for his story. *Serious shit comes down in Dark Desire* That's all you'll get from me on this.
In other news, Hot Mojave Knights is getting close, only a little over two months to go and will be working nonstop until the 21st. On that day, I am turning off my cell phone, unplugging my laptop and plan to do something totally mindless for the entire day. I'll need the recharge desperately by then.
Well, back to work, have a great one and we will talk next Monday.

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