The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Exotic Bahamas and a Fractured Ankle!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week. I'm a bit late but with a fractured ankle I had to wait until I could get to my computer. Klutz is my middle name when it came to getting out to the car in time to catch my plane to Miami, I twisted my ankle...or so I thought.
I didn't stop me from having an awesome time on my cruise to the Bahamas' where I swam with dolphins, kayaked and snorkeled in the beautiful aqua seas. I had the time of my life! It was only after we returned home, and the swelling and pain seemed to get worse that I found out that I fractured my ankle along with sprained it and messed up my ligaments on top of it. Figures huh?
 Oh well, it's worth wearing an air boot for three months, and I wouldn't have changed a damn thing.
 As far as writing? Um...I blame it on the beautiful scenery and gorgeous men all over the ship and on land. I didn't write a word all week but oh boy, do I have character inspiration!
Now, I'm putting my laptop on the bed so I'll be back at it, with foot up and iced. Have a great week and see you next week!

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