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Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet Zeke and Friday Snippet

Meet my inspiration for Zeke in Dark Desire, Jeff Tsoutsos. You can find him on Facebook and Hunk du Jour. The man is incredible right?
Zeke is not only a dark breed enforcer who comes from Atlantis, he is also the heir to the Atlantean throne. Not something he is too happy about, seems he feels his time would be better spent protecting all of earths citizens and not just worry about his people.
The man is fast and deadly with his weapons of choice, two sai's he keeps very close at all times. Zeke his handy to have around since he can "port" in and out of a location before you even know he's there.  Dark shades keep his eyes hidden, refusing to take them off in front of anyone. Even his closest friends Tegan and Marcus have no clue what lies beneath his ray bans.
As promised here is a snippet from Dark Desire
Zeke bit out a vicious curse as he tore hell through the alley, his boots pounding the pavement with in a quick thumping tempo. He burst out onto the street, taking a sharp right, startled to find a homeless man pushing a grocery cart full of his belongings right in his path. The old man cried attempting to move out of the way abandoning his belongings in a frantic effort to avoid the collision.
Gathering his strength, muscles bunching he leapt. His long legs carrying him clear of the cart. The heavy thud of his boots on the concrete, drowned out by the old man shouts. Zeke ignored it, bolting forward, his arms pumping to give him greater speed. His eyes riveted ahead at the dark haired lycan sprinting ahead of him.
God damn Pure Bloods.
He didn’t have time for this shit. He thought he kept upwind of Lucien’s sensitive nose. As he chased after Temple Fox’s top dog…or wolf, he cursed the March winds notorious in the Las Vegas valley. Shifting direction with a sudden microburst of air Lucien stiffened, raising his head to sniff the air and just that quick he’d been made.
The quick and easy grab and dash for Oman’s Seal dying a quick death as the asshole took off leading him a merry chase through old town Las Vegas. So far the crowds have been sparse, but he knew his luck wouldn’t last. When it came to this particular lycan it never did.
“Where the hell are you Zeke?” His fellow Enforcer demanded in his ear bud.
“I’m kind of busy Christophe.” He snapped, watching Lucien duck into another alley between Main Street and Charleston, getting closer to more populated areas. Damn, looked like porting in front of this bastard would be a no go, the risk of materializing in the same spot as another too dicey.
Messy shit, plus a one way ticket to the afterlife, for him and the sorry SOB.
Christophe’s voice crackled in his ear, the edge of irritation clear. “What the fuck, Zeke? How did he get a bead on you?”
Zeke’s gritted his teeth in frustration. “I’m busy here, so if you don’t mind just stow the ass chewing.” He ripped the bud out of his ear with snarl and poured on more speed, hitting another alley just in time to see Lucien leap over the retaining wall and disappear from view.
Oh, hell no. The big bastard wouldn’t get away from him that easily.
Pumping his arms and legs even harder he ran toward the wall. Leaping high he pushed off the side wall, hands gripping the top bricks of the wall, his momentum carrying him over in a back flip worthy of any gymnast. His feet touched ground with a solid thud, knees flexed he surged forward in a dead run.
Lucien’s dark head bobbed up ahead, ducking into alleys and side streets in an effort to lose him. Zeke dug in with single minded determination as he kept on his tail. Weaving through the throng of the Strip crowded with people. The irritating sound of cards snapping on his right broke through his concentration; a hand flashing a picture of a bare breasted blonde was shoved at him. With a snarl, he shoved the man back, not staying to watch the man lose his balance, cards flying into the air as he went down hard on his ass.
      He gained on Lucien reaching out a hand he could almost touch him. He heart pumped, breath coming in ragged gasps as his lungs threatened to seize from the effort. So close, almost there
Hope you enjoyed and look for the release of Dark Desire coming soon.


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