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The Romance Reviews

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Dark Desire, Soul Fire and Firestorm-One Busy Summer!

Happy Monday!
My offering to you this week - some kilted goodness to inspire your day.
You may or may not have noticed I've have been gone from all social media last week. I caught a nasty strain of the flu complete with fever and then for a bonus it turned into a head cold from hell. So I spent much of my time sleeping and writing when I could string two sentences together. On the plus side, I'm getting my strength back a little each day.

It occurred to me recently that I have a crazy summer coming up. With the release of Dark Desire, book four in my Dark Breed Enforcer series, will be out in June. Soul Fire will be also released this summer followed by Firestorm. 
I'm very excited about my new historical paranormal series, which takes place throughout time. Firestorm is set in Pompeii-where else would you place a dragon shape shifter?
And of course if I'm placing my shifter Rogan, in Pompeii 
I just have to have gladiators...hawt, sexy gladiators at that! Boy, my research turned out to be quite extensive. Who knew there was so much to such a bloody sport?
Anyway, I'll soon be sharing small excerpts from Firestorm to wet your curiosity very soon.
Well, back to it I go. Hope everyone has an awesome week ahead and we will talk again.

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