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The Romance Reviews

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday-Countdown to Hot Mojave Knights

Happy Monday!
Love the tough guy look. To me it says, "give me your best shot." 

Things are getting a bit crazy these days since my latest release Dark Desire on July 4th. I am finding time to work on Firestorm, but could use another eight hours in the day to just spend writing. 
Now, the gears are turning with Hot Mojave Knights. The event page on Facebook is now live and ready for all to use. The schedule of events is filling out and will soon be done. Then it's all the fine tuning needed, the little details no one really sees and the small personal touches to put in place. The special attention to hand made favors for each author and attendee is just one of those details we strive for to make the event memorable.

Seeing this dream grow and evolve is an amazing thing. What I first envisioned in the early stages emerged from it's cocoon totally different than what I imagined. This is a good thing in this instance, since it is the people who attend who give it life and nurture it. Every idea an author, blogger, sponsor or reader has only makes it better.

The excitement for this event fills me with gratitude. This is our second year and word of Hot Mojave Knights is spreading. We are small and will only be as big as those who come want it to be. We, the committee and I stand firm on this. We offer a unique opportunity to have a close one on one with authors who are hard to see in normal conventions. And to become fans of those who normally don't get the chance to showcase their work and build that much needed fan base.

Through it all I will continue to bring those small touches to  this event,which brings authors and readers together for one memorable weekend out of the year. One weekend you will come back to and why? Because this is the event you helped me create.


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