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The Romance Reviews

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday- Why I build sexual tension between characters

Here is a little sizzle for your Monday.

The age old question, when to make love...or not? For this storyteller it is all about the build up. I must admit, I do feel sorry for the poor heroes I write, who struggle through the excruciating hit and misses of getting any relief from the object of their desire.

How soon is too soon? These days it seems to happen around page three. In the ever growing popularity of erotica, instant gratification seems to be the sign of our times. The art of "the tease" is still there, but the books making the big sales are all about getting it on as soon as you get the characters names.

If you are looking at that type of writing then you really don't want to read my books. I go for the build of tension, the clash of wills between characters, drawing it to a fever pitch. By the time they do have sex you will want to do a hell, yeah fist pump in the air.  
With Firestorm I find I must focus most on their reactions to one another more than any other book I've written. Since my shape shifting dragons are a sensual race of beings with the need of sex with their mates as soon as possible or they decline into madness. Yet, even with the urgency tugging at me to make the moment happen I hesitate knowing there must be more. I realized I'm all about the dance, the coming in close only to move away building the fires of passion as high as possible. 

When I pick up a romance book there is a specific thing I want within the story. The sexual burn between the two characters ramping up the tension to a point where you can feel it come from the pages in waves is what I crave. It keys me up until finally...finally that passion erupts on the pages nearly burning your fingers as the world around you dissolves and the intimacy you are experiencing becomes in essence yours also. 

Now that is one hell of an attraction.

So Rogan and Sabine have started the dance in Firestorm and though they may get close to that burning flame the pressure will and must continue, if for no other reason than to grab you, the reader by the throat and drag you within their world. 
How else can you fully appreciate the sensual experience of a dragon for a lover. 

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