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The Romance Reviews

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Writing and prep for ARC NOLA

Happy Monday!
I'm on a gladiator kick so sorry if you like more clothing on your men. For me, this looks just about right...great inspiration for my muse.

So still busy writing Rogan's book Firestorm while trying to get things ready for Hot Mojave Knights and my trip to NOLA. I swear sometimes I think I purposely make tons of things for me to do just so I'm always having to multi-task.
Along with a day job it can get pretty crazy when all I want is to is write! I keep promising my muse soon it will be just the two of us and we can get down to business and finish this book since the ideas are running rampant for the next several projects I have going...including the third dragon shifter book. 

Well back to the juggling I go. Have a wonderful week, I'll talk with you next Monday before I leave for NOLA. Wish me luck since I'm a featured author :) I don't want to fall on my face lol!

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