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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Time once again for Six Sentence Sunday! Another tidbit to perk your intrest.

From Dark Passions Rising: A Dark Breed Novel

Bitten by a Lycan ,Tambra Ellis just discovers that she too will become a Lycan. Since she has no love for our furry friends she takes the news of her "Rising" badly to say the least.

You were bitten by a Lycan, not Lassie.”
“Ha, ha, laugh it up big guy. You don’t have to worry about
Laughter rumbled out of him, surprising him as much as it
seemed to anger her. Tambra stood in front of him, her golden hair
tumbling wildly down her back, clutching the comforter tightly to her
breasts. Her blue eyes glittered with anger and Marcus fought the
urge to pull her into his arms and stroke her soft, creamy skin.

 Thank you for checking out this installment of Six Sentence Sunday. Stay tuned for more next Sunday.


  1. Looks like this is going to be interesting. Hey, bitten by Lassie isn't all that bad. I got a collie myself.

  2. Interesting six! I really enjoyed it!

  3. Humor, anger, sex. A powerful combination. Thanks for an entertaining six.