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The Romance Reviews

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Pick Me Up

Good Morning Everyone,
 Welcome to Monday Pick Me Up. If this doesn’t get your blood pumping this morning I don’t know what will.
     I heard from my Editor Hannah Giersdorf this weekend with great news! It seems that my first month sales placed me at #8 on the top 10 for Evernight Publishing sales through Amazon. So I promptly celebrated with a bottle of sparkling wine and went back to work on two of top priority works in progress.
   I am only two chapters away from finishing my first draft of Beloved Wizard a series of books (naturally) on King Arthur’s legend. Only this deals with his return to power and he has all his knights ready to do battle once again. I will keep you posted on release dates and other goodies as they come.  For the second Dark Breed series involving Tegan, our hot tempered were-panther. Things are progressing very well and I will soon be devoting all my spare time to get his book to you in just a few months time if all continues to go as smooth as it has been going.
     I will be giving you glimpses into Tegans life in future blogs so stay tuned for sneak peeks. I am also hoping to roll out another series sometime in 2011 the first book is titled The Summoning dealing with God’s, Angels and Demons among other various supernatural creatures. I also do have other small projects in progress and will give you all the details as they unfold.
     That’s all for this week, check back for more information on my upcoming books as they come available. Have a Fantastic Week!

Shannan Albright

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