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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday!

Don't know about you but I just love a man with tats.

I took a week off for the holiday so I'm a little behind. That said I have plenty of exciting news. My first installment of Confessions of a Las Vegas Domme released through Red Hot Publishing's Everything Erotic came out May 31st. The second installment will hit this week on June 9th so be sure to check it out at I am doing final edits of my novella Beloved Wizard and am days from submission. More on this as news breaks. I am also still hard at work on Passions Flight the second book in the Dark Breed series and with any luck will be finished and in my final revision stage with it by the end of July then on to submissions.

In more news I just got back from Arizona Dreamin' Romance Reader Event that was held in Tempe, Az. I must say that every one of the authors there was a delight to meet. Of course I also met one of my favorite authors Erin Quinn who was the most gracious lady I have encountered in a very long time. If you haven't picked up her Mists of Ireland series I suggest you do it is a great series. Also you may want to check out her other books under the name Erin Grady I believe you will be hooked on Web of Smoke, Echos and Whispers. For more information go to her website at

It was an "Erin Quinn" night for me as you can see I also won her basket in the raffle they. I will have much more on Erin  in an upcoming interview coming in July at along with my review of her first book in the Mist of Ireland series Haunting Beauty.
Along with Erin Quinn two other delightful authors that I must mention simply because of their impressive talent is Kris Tulla. Her historical's are pure magic and she also has a fantastic tag line "Norway is the New Scotland". Erin Kellison was a sheer joy and her Shadow series is addicting. There were even more inspiring authors and I highly recommend going to and checking out their list of authors.

So now that I'm back in Vegas its back to work for me. So many books to write and so little time!

I will see you next week for another Pick Me Up.


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