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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

     King Arthur and his Knights are back and ready to kick ass!
The plot thickens as old enemies reveal themselves. Mordred now reincarnated as Vance Hollister has begun the first step toward the destruction of Arthur.

    His eyes grew hooded as he studied her. Arrogance was Nimue’s worse trait, one that could be her undoing. When that happened, and that was only a matter time, he wanted a front row seat to that kind of fallout.
    “Just be sure that Drake is dead by this time next week.” He cautioned making his voice low with menace.
    “He will be dead I promise and Merci will either have joined us or join Drake. I have a plan to speed up the process, one that will not fail.”

See you next Sunday for another Six!


  1. What an interesting premise. Great ink!

  2. It's hard to read on the black background...
    Happy Sunday,
    Kristin Wolfgang

  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing

  4. I love Arthurian retellings! :)

    A Way To A Dragon's Heart 6SS

  5. Interesting premise. Really enjoyed this snippet.

  6. Love the idea of this story, great snippet, too!