The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Now Let's Shop!

He can cook in my kitchen anytime he wants Lol!

With the Holiday in full swing,  our magnificent bird and fixings will soon be nothing but happy memories. And if your like me you feel as stuffed as the Turkey you prepared. Promises to get to the Gym and work off all those yummy calories is on top of your priority list and what better way to do that than to shop?

Black Friday is upon us once again, luring us in with promises of incredible deals and sometimes it's not just hype. Oh the joy of retail! I would rather cut off my arms myself than fight a crowd of determined ladies who can punch with the power of a prize fighter. I commend those of you brave enough to swim in those shark infested waters.

For me, I'll probably take in a movie, there is a good possibility I can get into Breaking Dawn since everyone will be shopping. I may even be able to get some fresh popcorn with extra butter. Yeah, I know more calories to burn but for me so worth it.

So for those about to shop, I applaud your courage and pray you get back in one piece. For me it's the movies and back to writing. After all, no matter how hard I try these stubborn  books refuse to write themselvesI'll chat with you again on Monday and until then be safe, get great buys and have a blast!

Here is one more pic for the holiday for you to enjoy.

Amen to that!

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