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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Author Spotlights Sky Purington


I am honored and thrilled to have Sky Purington as my guest today. If you have never had the opportunity to read her work you're in for quite a treat. I encourage you to buy her books as fast as you can. Her MacLomain Series is wonderful and is loosely tied to Calum's Curse. I know when I pick up one of her books I'm going to be transported into a realm where magic exists, warriors fight against all odds and love is eternal. Here is a small taste of her latest book. And even better, she is holding a giveaway!
Sky is offering  Ecopies of both The Victorian Lure (Calum’s Curse: Ardetha Vampyre) and The Georgian Embrace (Calum’s Curse: Acerbus Lycan) to one lucky commenter. Just leave your email address when you leave a comment. Winner will be announced 24 hours after this is posted.

Is it true love or is the allure just another dimension of the Georgian’s embrace?
A man with a mission…
Paranormal investigator, Devin O’Rourke, is drawn to Isabel the moment he sees her ghostly image in a picture. While searching for proof of her existence, Devin finds himself in another time, danger lurking around every corner.
A woman in need of saving…
Eighteenth century, Isabel Savol, is on the run. With help from a friend, good fortune finds her sheltered and managing the construction of a house. When a handsome Irishman appears on her Georgian’s worksite one day, everything she thought she understood about reality vanishes.
Untapped desire ignites between Devin and Isabel as they struggle to stay one step ahead of the time-warping house caught in Calum’s Curse and the werewolf determined to finish the legacy it began.

“I’ll get answers out of you eventually, Isabel.”
Lord, he was persistent. Give him some hope then continue to whittle away. “I am quite sure you will but not this eve.” She gracefully smoothed her skirts, lowered her voice—hid behind her lashes. “I’ll not ask again. Share with me, Devin. I would really like to know what disturbs you so.”
Devin’s low chuckle warmed her insides. “You think to get answers from me by flirting? Good luck, lass. I invented that method.”
Isabel’s eyes flew to his. Insolence! She almost faltered at the devilish twinkle in his gaze, the languid way his come-hither eyes roamed her face. Indeed, he did flirt well. She squelched the lop-sided grin she felt beginning to erupt. “I see no reason for your secrecy.” Isabel again leaned close and whispered in her best co-conspirator tone, “Then you really are a spy.”
His thick-lashed eyes fell to her lips and he leaned closer as well. “In my own way, that is exactly what I am.”
Now she was getting somewhere. “Ah, I knew it.”
“Did you?” His gaze slowly slid down her neck and she’d swear his finger grazed the soft skin. Goose pimples rose on her flesh.
“Yes, I did.” She continued to follow his gaze, could almost feel how he saw her…feminine…enticing. “It makes perfect sense.”
“Aye.” Devin’s gaze fell to the swells of her breasts peeking out from the top of her dress. “You found me out.”
A deep inhale, then he exhaled slowly, his hot breath flaming across her chest. Nipples tightened. Searing warmth flooded between her thighs. Isabel inhaled sharply. His eyes met hers, knowing. How did he do that? What exactly had he done without moving an inch?
“What did I find out?” she murmured, her mind swimming in pleasure, relaxed, not nearly as sharp as it had been moments before.
A ravishing grin crinkled the corners of his eyes, made enticing sweeps of his dark eyelashes. “That I’m not quite who I seem to be.”

Purchase links for The Georgian Embrace

 Got your attention? Come and sit in a nice comfy chair and meet this wildly talented author.

Do you do anything to get you into the zone to write?  

Absolutely.  I wait until my six year old super hyper son is asleep then I retire to my office, light a ‘warm apple pie’ scented candle, tune into Pandora’s New Age channel and off we go!

 Which authors inspire your writing?

Honesty? I have now made it a point to NOT let any other author inspire my writing. I was an avid reader and reviewer for years. I stopped both. I needed to find myself… find my voice. As you can imagine, I was becoming too influenced by other writers and my critique partners were ‘red flagging’ my work. Yes, I still read the occasional story but spend most of my spare time watching documentaries with my son. They are so inspiring! We’re both addicted. J

What is your favorite book, character and why?

I could never pinpoint just one book or character. I have so many favorites!

Do you prefer to write erotic or sweet?

I like and value both.  Truth told, my work has become much hotter as the years have gone by. I can’t help myself. I think I left ‘truly sweet’ behind in my twenties if indeed I ever wrote it. *winks*

Which famous person, living or dead,  are you drawn to?

I like this question. Hmmm. I would have to say Robert Frost. Mainly because the farm at which he wrote some of his most famous poems is two minutes down the road from me. As he often wrote of nature, I find myself looking around and seeing things as he did. The trees, rivers, etc. In addition, he was my husband’s grandfather’s cousin, so there are pictures of him standing in my living room years and years ago. Pretty neat!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

A proud mom of an eleven year old boy. And of course, ridiculously successful.  Yep, I’ve gone Indie and I intend to shine! Translation… if I continue to touch readers and make them happy, that’s all the ‘success’ I need.

Finish this sentence: I know I’ve made it when_______________?

I can promote fellow authors and they get a ton of sales in one day. Sadly enough I think it sometimes takes a really well-known voice to get lots of books flowing.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Simple. “Don’t ever give up. Know that you’re fabulous and write what’s in your heart. Picture what you want and make it happen. Period.”

What do you see yourself writing in the future?

More time-traveling Highlander tales. They’re in my blood. And, brace yourself, I intend to take a crack at Sci-fi romance/erotica.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

This is a no-brainer. The ability to communicate telepathically.

What time of the day are you at your best to write?

Anytime after 7 PM EST. I live for the night!

And now for something completely different…

What do you look at first with an attractive man or woman, face, body or smile?

Can I add to this? Because I always look at the eyes first, then the lips, then the face as a whole. The smile and body are add-on’s.

Explain your perfect day.

Easy. On Sunset Lake in my hometown, Hampstead, cruising around in my Dad’s boat with my family. A warm summer afternoon with the sun shining overhead. Eventually, we’d throw anchor and whip out a picnic lunch. We’d eat, laugh and talk. My son would throw half the food to the ducks. It was so perfect.

 I’ll admit, Dad always helped make that perfect. It won’t be the same without him this year. But I’m getting my boating license and we’ll be out there FOR him.

What is the most decadent desert you can’t say no to?

A six-inch tall chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. Don’t forget the whipped cream topping and chocolate jimmies.  Yum!!!!

Do you have a favorite holiday what is it and what makes it special to you?

As a paranormal writer you’d think it would be Halloween but no, I truly love Christmas. It possesses magic and I’m always a sucker for good ol’ fashioned magic.

What key words describe you best?

Determined, Goal-oriented, Creative, Realist, Spiritual, Caring


  1. Thanks for having me over today, Shannan! And thank you so much for the kind compliments. :-)

  2. Great interview and so intriguing. Good luck with all your writing, Sky, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    nevadafox at gmail dot com


  3. Another great interview Sky. I can not wait to read these books, they are on my list. Thanks for the chance to receive them.

  4. Thank you, Siobhan and Tina! :-)

  5. thank you for the great interview and the chance at an awesome giveaway. i love the covers of the books, they are all gorgeous and the excerpt was wonderful.
    Do you design the covers yourself or have a lot of input on them? i know some authors get very little say in theirs.

    tammy ramey

  6. Great interview! Your advice is very much like what a teacher friend of mine tells her middle school students. Hopefully they take it to heart! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Great interview, Sky! I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about you and your books.
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