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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Vist with Author Lori Corsentino - Want a Copy of her newest release?

I have two very special guest in the next two weeks. The first is a very charming and talented lady who I am very happy to call my friend. Please welcome Lori and be prepared to become as enchanted as I am.
Lori’s love of reading has transcended to include penning her own tales of romance. She is experimenting with writing in several different genres, including paranormal – a definite favorite. “There is just so much you can do when you step outside the known world,” she explains “and creating a paranormal story allows you to take yourself and your readers anywhere your imagination wants to go!”

Destiny's Awakening is Lori's first foray into her "Tales of the Fey" paranormal romance trilogy. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @LoriCorsentino and on Also check out her blog weekly for a Manuscript Monday, Wicked Writer Wednesday, or Favorite Friday entry.

Men of the present weren’t able to hold archaeologist Evelyn Wright’s interest for long. Her passion lay with discovering the lives, loves, and legacies of men in the past.    Five hundred-year-old Prince Alexander slumbers alone in an enchanted sleep.  Imprisoned by ancient Fey magic to stave off a civil war, he awaits the woman who is destined to awaken him.    Thrown together by an unseen force, the career-minded modern woman and the aristocratic Fey Prince share a magical kiss that sparks more than mere romance.    Together they will create a key to open their hearts to a true love that will thwart the plans of an evil Wizard and save their worlds. 

Do you do anything to get you into the zone to write?

No, not really. I do try to get my self in front of the monitors when my muse whispers in my ear, though. I have been thinking about meditating a bit before writing time, to visualize the story I’ve already written. Meditation is also really good for letting go of control and letting your mind wander when you’re searching for where to go next in the story!

Which authors inspire your writing?

Johanna Lindsey for the historical aspect. Linda Howard for great scenes, visualization, and romantic suspense elements. Pamela Clare for when I’m stuck. She’s such a great author that just reading her challenges me to get my hands on the keyboard and just write! Shayla Black for character conflict and sensual elements – she writes hawt! Helen Hardt for her correct use of grammar, amazing descriptors, and heat/sensuality. Also Lia Slater for heat/sensuality and the timeline of a romantic relationship. She really showed me the way to keep the fire going AFTER the first love scene! Lizzie T. Leaf is awesome for taking a walk on the funny side. Her books remind me it’s OK to have humor in your story. BTW those last three, Helen Hardt, Lia Slater, and Lizzie T. Leaf are my chapter sisters. I’m really proud of them!

What is your favorite book, character and why?

Linda Howard’s After the Night is my favorite book. I can remember so many scenes from that book – and not just because I’ve read it so many times! It was my second foray into Romantic Suspense. I’ve been hooked ever since!
My favorite male character is undoubtedly the one hero I’ve totally fallen in love with – and that’s Grey Rouillard from After the Night. That’s probably another reason why I love that book so much. Favorite female character. That’s a tough one. I’d have to say Tedra De Arr from Johanna Lindsey’s Warrior’s Woman. She definitely knew how to kick butt, and was more than a match for her hero.

Do you prefer to write erotic or sweet?

I write hot. Sometimes hotter than I expect! Every now and again I try to write sweet, to stretch my writer’s legs. It’s a good thing to color outside the lines. : )

Which famous person, living or dead, are you drawn to?

That would have to be my Great-Grandfather on my Dad’s side. He and my Great-Grandmother lived here in the Denver area. He barely had an education, but that didn’t stop him from being a successful businessman. He had quite a reputation for horsetrading, and most ranchers looking for quality stock would come talk to “Horse Trader John” during the annual stock show in Denver. My Dad told me a lot about him. He was an amazing man. I would have loved to have been able to meet him. Unfortunately, he died before I was born.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Writing romance novels for a living, of course! Doing so on a beach-front property in the Hawaiian islands would be even better…

Finish this sentence: I know I’ve made it when_______________?

I can finish a book within my given timelines, and get paid well for my efforts!

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Never give up! Keep trying, and keep writing. Also, your chances of becoming published increase dramatically when you network, so do that as much as you can.

What do you see yourself writing in the future?

I have a real passion for paranormal romance. I miss writing it when I’m working on another project. There’s just so much you can do with that genre! The same can be said for Historical, only that one is a bit tougher, what with getting your facts straight! I do love the research, though, and will likely do a series or two in Historical in the next several years.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

That’s tough. I never really thought about having a superpower before. Being able to change into a guy every now and again? Is that a superpower? ;)

What time of the day are you at your best to write?

Late at night and/or early in the morning. I’m a bit skewed!  : )

And now for something completely different…
What do you look at first with an attractive man or woman, face, body or smile?

I look at their smile, especially their teeth. A man with bad teeth is a deal breaker for me!

Explain your perfect day.

I know this is not really what you want, but I’m going to pick a day of the week – Friday, for all the wonderful things it entails. Friday is just a perfect day. It signals a coming break from the daily grind, and lends a promise of freedom to do as you will the next day…and the next day too! I feel like it’s a day that’s well earned, having worked hard all week to get there. It’s also the first day where I can stay up late and not have to pay for it the next morning!

What is the most decadent desert you can’t say no to?

Coconut cream pie. OMG – yummmmm.

Do you have a favorite holiday what is it and what makes it special to you?

Halloween! I think I like it so much because you can do just about anything you want that day, and be anyone you want, and get away with it. It’s just a really fun day. And the night…oh the night. Then I get watch scary movies all night until I can’t stay awake anymore. It’s awesome!
Christmas does run a close second. I love the warmth, cheer, and colors/lights of the season. It gives me warm fuzzies.

What key words describe you best?

I am an intelligent, creative, procrastinator with pack-rat with control-freak tendencies who loves to write romantic fiction as well as technical documents and help files.

Do you want to do a giveaway?

I’ll give away a swag bag with a copy of Destiny’s Awakening and some other goodies.

What is your prize?

Book + other goodies.

How do they enter to win?

They need to leave me a comment.

When will you be announcing the winner?

I’ll announce the winner on Monday, the 24th.


  1. loved the excerpt and interview can't wait to read it

    1. Hi Andrea!
      Thanks - I'm so glad you like the tid-bit of story. Since both our last names start with a C, you're also going to receive a copy of Destiny's Awakening! Congrats! I hope you enjoy!

  2. You know, as cool as Friday is (since it is the last week day), I like Saturday. That is the first day of the it is nice. :-D

    AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Aquarian Dancer!
      Love your name! It sure bring a visual to mind for a really cool paranormal creature...I may have to use that some day!

      I love Saturdays too. It's my second fav day. I especially like it if I don't have to get up really early and can sleep in a bit. That's just pure indulgence! ":)

  3. Me me me!! If I don't win I'll eat this pumpkin pie I just made to get me over the Fall blahs. Your book will save me. I just KNOW it.
    sophie.sansregret ,at. gm ai l

    1. Hi Sophie! Ah, I so understand those change-of-season hungries! I'm dealing with that right now. Thankfully I don't have a pumpkin pie staring me in the face!

      I'll definitely send you a copy of Destiny's Awakening to help you get over your Fall blahs! : )

  4. DESTINY'S AWAKENING looks fabulous. I enjoyed the interview thank you. I'm constantly amazed by some of the things I find out about past family members.


    1. Thanks Marybelle! Love your name, btw. I make note of really neat names like yours for my characters. I just might have to use yours someday - I hope you don't mind!

      Yeah - Destiny's Awakening is a definite favorite of mine. I really enjoyed creating the world and writing the story.

      I agree. Past family members and their stories have always been fascinating to me. I've got several relatives I'd love to have been able to know, and many I wish I'd had time to know a little better! History is an amazing thing, and to be able to put your family stories into it makes it all the more powerful.

  5. Nice interview. The book sounds good.


  6. This sound good. Just wondering, what music you like to listen to while you're writing?
    dustykattc at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi Dusty!
      Thanks for your question. You know it depends on what I'm writing. I have a soundtrack in my head for each project that I do. These songs remind of landmarks or landscaping I'm using and situations my characters encounter. In fact, each character usually winds up with a song of their own.

      When I figure out which songs I'm liking for the project, I create a playlist. As expected, I use bluesy/rhythmic for love scenes, rock 'n roll/metal for action, fast or really dialogue heavy scenes, and new age/ classical/ instrumental for any other type of scene.

      It's kinda funny - if I really need to concentrate on the words I'm writing, with heavy description and deep POV, I cannot have music with words. It distracts me!

  7. Thanks Shannan for your wonderful introduction and for hosting me! Also, thanks everyone for reading my interview and for your wonderful comments!

    I'm going to send books to two winners -- Andrea Carpenter and Sophie! I'll be emailing you both privately to get your mailing details.

    Have a wonderful fall! ":)