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The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday-On Tuesday!

Here is some inspiration to get you back in the swing of the work week. Remember the weekend is only four days away!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed soaking up the last of the summer heat. It wont be long and summer will be behind us and the colder weather will set in. Dang, that's a depressing thought for someone like me who hates the cold.
I had a marvelous holiday and have to share. I just celebrated my 8 year wedding anniversary and thought we would have a quiet night after meeting up with my author friends for lunch. I had a great time with RM Sotera and Lizzie T. Leaf at the Nine Fine Irishmen Pub at New York, NY Casino. As we were finishing up my hubby decides to surprise me with tickets to the theater. Not just any tickets mind you. These were tickets to a play I have by wanting to see for years.
Wicked was everything I ever dreamed it could be, the acting was first rate and the music and singing to best I've heard in years. Everything from the set design and costuming was top notch. Then you put it in The Smith Center and well, wow! It was a night that will be with me all my life. I have the most incredible man. My living hunk of a hero who is my inspiration.
So needless to say I didn't get as much writing done as I wanted but it was a wonderful trade off in my book. So know it's back to the writing and play catch up with my word count. I hope to get The Kings Lady wrapped up this month and then I'm off working on all my other WIP's that are languishing in the side lines as I wrap up the Knight's of Excalibur series.
Hope you all have a great week and see you very soon.

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  1. Wicked's freakin' AWESOME! I saw it when it came through this year. Nice anniversary present. :) Congrats on making it 8 years. I had my eighth this year too.