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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As Janelle battles to save Caltin she can no longer ignore the urgent call to summon.

Summon me through!

A demand.

The voice deep and strong brought a shiver sluicing through her body like warm silk on her bare skin. That voice! So familiar and yet she couldn’t place it. She shook her head and focused on the deadly dance in front of her. She had never seen her friend fight with a sword before and the sight would have been entertaining if the situation weren’t so deadly. She bit back a scream as Balen swung his weapon aiming at her neck. Janelle barely dodged the deadly blade. Blood covered her thigh and leg falling steadily onto the sandy ground.  Catlin knew the longer they fought the weaker she would become. She felt helpless not knowing what she could do to help, terrified to think what would happen if she failed.

Summon me now!

The demand was stronger than before. Was she losing it? Where the hell did that voice come from? “I don’t know how.” She spoke into the wind letting the wind carry her words through the air.

You know the words just think of bringing me to you that is all you need do.

That sensual voice wrapped around her in a lover’s caress urging her to do as he asked. She closed her eyes the words magically in her mind. Each line forming as she spoke. “Yes, I will summon you here.” The words at first faint like a long forgotten song, built in strength as the words and melody twined together. A sense of urgency rose within her with every word she uttered.  Throwing her head back she let the summoning pour out of her lips speaking the ancient words as if they were a part of her.

I summon thee to my side

Through the Veil you must stride

Champion my cause and lend me thy might

I release thee so you may fight.”

A crack of thunder stunned everyone to stillness as Balen and Janelle swung their attention toward where she stood with arms outstretched above her a blue glow emanating from her hands building into a large sphere of blue white light. The sphere flew from her hands exploding into the nearby trees that surrounded the dunes and beach.

“Cat, what the hell did you do?” Janelle screamed a note of terror evident in her voice. “Damn fool woman opened the Veil. Shit!” Balen bit out, a black scowl marring his good looks as he turned toward where the sphere had gone.

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