The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Welcome to another snippet from The Summoning: Rise of the Sentinels.
Catlin is getting way over her head when one kiss from Lucien has her wanting so much more.
     Her arms reached up to wrap around his neck as his pressed her tightly against him, his hands cupping her ass as he lifted her up off her feet his tongue pillaging her mouth. The hard ridge of his erection ground into the flesh of her stomach only making her hotter by the contact. Her fingers speared through his thick silky hair as she held him to her like a drowning woman and he was her life preserver. He broke the kiss his breathing as fast and rough as hers, he slid her down his hard body and stepped away. The absence of his body made her want to cry out with loss and she bit down on her lip to keep quiet and her pulse thrummed in her ears.
     “I’m sorry Catlin that should never have happened.” He spoke in a husky voice that sent tremors through her.
     She could feel moisture pool between her thighs as need hammered into her refusing to cool down. It took all her control to keep from going to him, rubbing against his length. She had never experienced need like this. She wanted him with an intensity she never before encountered and it scared her more than a little. That fear enabled her to reign in the crazy attraction she held for him and she looked up into the cold blank mask that was once again firmly in place on his handsome face.

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