The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm back, Tired but well worth it!

Sorry this is late, but like this guy here, I could easily fall asleep on a bed of rocks!
The inaugural event Hot Mojave Knights turned into a considerable success with all the buzz going on about it on Facebook and Twitter, it looks like this could become quite the event to go to. A lot of hard work and planning went into the creation and execution of this reader event, and it's always great when you're told your baby is pretty.
Now, after some much-needed  rest, I'm ready to dive back into finishing up my last two books of this year. After rubbing elbows with some awesome authors, inspiration and anticipation to get back to work is my total focus.
I'm so excited to bring my historical dragon shifters to life and will be self-publishing  it. An exciting and daunting task, yet to have total control over your work is something I'm looking forward to.
 Have no fear Dark Breed Enforcer fans, Zeke's book Dark Desire is still slated to finish this year and God willing will release at the end of the year. It depends on if Evernight Publishing has release slots open.
Well, my worlds are calling me so have a wonderful week all.

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