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The Romance Reviews

Friday, October 4, 2013

Merry Christmas from Crescent Moon Lodge - Coming this Month!

Coming this month a Christmas anthology which has it all. Hot and steamy to sensual these are stories to please anyone.
It may be three months before Christmas, but anytime is great to bring holiday cheer.
Here is a little teaser of my story A Howling Yuletide.

Fleur Delecourt knew her Christmas holiday was doomed from the start. Not only did she hate the cold and snow, but also she found herself saddled with a ski instructor, courtesy of a friend’s twisted sense of humor.
Werewolf Rory Furr left Scotland to find a life and pack of his own. What he was not prepared for was finding his mate in the form of a petite redhead who tests both his self-control and patience.


“You have got to be freaking kidding me,” Fleur snapped with exasperation, her breaths coming in small puffs to surround her head like a halo.

The morning deteriorated as soon as she opened her eyes. The digital clock showing her in blue glowing numbers she overslept. With a foul curse, she ran into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and hair. No time for makeup, she pulled on a pair of jeans and a light blue  sweater, thick socks and her brand new  cowboy boots, taking a moment to enjoy the snug comfortable fit. Jamming a wool cap on her head, she pulled out her bright green-and-pink parka.

 There would be no coffee for her this morning. Bemoaning the fact, she broke into a sprint. Her boots sank into the thick fresh snow. Picking up speed, she flew past the lodge at a dead run, nearing the lift area where she was to meet her instructor.

To her horror, she felt herself go airborne as the slick soles of her boots met with a patch of ice. Gravity took hold as she went down hard on her back. Her head hit the ground with a heavy thwump. Her vision dimmed as stars burst through her vision, and the air left her lungs with a very unlady like grunt. Struggling for air as the world spun around her prone body, she realized she should have heeded the warning, listening to her instinct and stayed the hell in bed with the covers over her head.

“Are ye all right, lass?”

She looked up and saw him. Lily’s brief description of him didn’t do him justice. He was way beyond hot and into Celtic god territory. Her coffee-deprived brain made words impossible as she took in his stunning looks.

“That was a verra nasty fall ye took. Did you break anything?”

She opened her mouth, but no words would come so she pressed her lips tightly together. Mutely she shook her head mortified to feel her face flame hot. Damn, she didn’t blush, could this be more humiliating? Desperately, she wished for the ground to swallow her whole, but of course nothing like that happened. Instead, the cold seeped into her bones making her shiver.

Yeah, Lily, embrace the fun of the season, enjoy the snow. Well, not in this freaking lifetime.

She struggled to get to her feet and felt the man’s large hands gently grip her arms to steady her. 

The man towered over her petite frame, his broad shoulders stretched over his red ski jacket. Long muscular legs were encased in heavy jeans. Glossy dark hair was pulled away from sculpted features of flawless masculinity. Dark brows enhanced his light blue eyes. A straight romanesque nose gave him an aristocratic air, and good lord… those full sensual lips were enough to make her want to press them against her own just to see if they tasted as good as they looked.

“Ach, ye seem fine to me. You need proper shoe's, lass. Those willna do.”

His thick Scottish brogue rolled over her in a warm erotic wave. His voice, deep and husky, nearly made her pant.

No one could be so deliciously perfect. He must have some flaw. Maybe he was a serial killer, or a criminal on the run from Interpol for a jewel heist gone wrong.

“Are ye fine, lass?”

The sharp spike of concern in his voice shook her out of her imaginings. “Um, y-yes just a bit cold. What’s wrong with my boots?” She changed the subject quickly.

“The bottoms are smooth. Nary a groove tae be found. Ye need tae grip the ground. Verra dangerous, as you just found out.”

“Well, I guess we will have to cancel then since I don’t have anything but these and my sneakers with me.” She felt a pang of regret at the thought of not seeing him again.

Oh, this was bad on too many levels, besides, she reminded herself how much she hated snow and cold. She just needed to keep that thought firmly in her mind.

“No worries, ye will be in ski boots soon. Yer friend Lily told me tae go slowly with you. Said you are no’ too fond of the cold?”

“Uh-huh.” She blinked up at him.

Damn, he could recite the alphabet and she would be a happy woman. Those dark brows slid downward forming a crease between his eyes. It only made him even sexier, if such a thing could be possible. The urge to smooth the frown made her clench her hands into fists at her sides. Great, she was acting like a teenager with her first crush. How pathetic could she get?
I hope you enjoyed this little snippet look for the release party full of prizes to win coming soon.

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