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The Romance Reviews

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday - Countdown to Hot Mojave Knights

I do so love this pic. I love history and swords. A hunky man with a sword and I'm drooling!
I've accomplished a lot this week, and feeling very positive I'll have everything checked off my to-do list by next week. I've done all the favors for all attendees, scribes, featured authors and sponsors. All posters for featured authors are completed and look awesome!
Costume sewn and working on completing four more tabards for the Knights. Music is set and ready for the masquerade ball and dinner, baskets done and just waiting for the release date on my anthology.
Yeah, I've been crazy busy and love every moment of it, even as it stresses the hell out of me. All my swag is now finished for the swag bags. I'm currently ready to start printing out the program and registration packets for all who are coming...I know it's impossible to catch every single thing when putting on an event like this, and I also know there will be something, which will go wrong, but overall, with the help of my awesome committee. We are going to have a kick ass event!
With things heating up there hasn't been much writing as I normally do, but I can make up for that once the event is finished and things slow down. As it is right now, I'm lucky not to have lost my mind at this point.
So now I'm signing off since more work is waiting...
Have a wonderful week!

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