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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dark Desire Book 4-Dark Breed Enforcers #SPeekSunday

Happy Sunday and welcome to another installment of Dark Desire. After seven months of searching Zeke finally finds Laris, his wife who's parting gift to him was a dagger in the chest. He has only one thing in mind, revenge. But all things are not what you expect them to be. Not even close.
A destiny he can no longer deny
Being heir to the throne of Atlantis is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially if you live under a world altering prophecy he is powerless to prevent. Ze’Kerhia is simply known as Zeke, the computer wizard and fighter for the branch of Enforcers lead by Marcus Valerian. He must now return to a life he walked away from in order to save a friend. Forced into a marriage to a woman he never met. Worse, she is Lemurian, a long standing enemy of Atlantis for thousands of years.
A brutal betrayal                            
One look at Laris Raail and Zeke knows he’s in trouble. He is captivated by her stunning dark beauty and grace, but more, he senses an intelligent and caring woman beneath which stirs his blood like no other could. With hopes high for the future he is unprepared to find a Lemurian dagger buried deep in his heart by the hand of his new bride, Laris.
A deadly plot revealed
Acting on a tip, Zeke finds Laris after seven long months of searching. Revenge his only motive. He is unprepared when he finds Laris with no memory of her past or even her name. It doesn’t take much time before Zeke realizes they are being hunted. Caught in a plot so treacherous, the dark breeds and humans alike may be unable to prevent the war it would spark. It’s up to the two of them to try and prevent more bloodshed and reveal the traitor in their midst.
Can they survive long enough to prevent the slaughter of innocent lives? Or will they too, perish before revealing who is behind a plot to enslave the world.

Sneak Peek
“What are you?” She managed to get out, shocked by the sight.

“Don’t play me Laris, it won’t stop the inevitable.” Zeke gritted out.

Confusion and fear clamored through her as she stared at the strange, angry man. Was he a man? “My name is Lori.” She argued, amazed to find her voice calm and steady. So far removed from the terror filling her, making her heart beat erratically, worse, her words seemed to enrage him further.

“Well, Lori is it? I know…intimately, your real name is Laris. What, surprised to find me still breathing?” He let out a harsh bark of laughter, which chilled her. “You have lousy aim, wife. You only nicked my heart.” He spit the word at her. “When you attempt to kill someone, you really need to be sure the body isn’t breathing.”

She shook her head in confusion. The man had her mixed up with another. No way could she ever take another life, could she? “Please let me go, I’m not who you think, I would never do anything like that. I’m just a stripper.”

His fingers bit into her upper arms causing her to wince in pain, his voice harsh in her ears. “You’re quite the little actress. Sorry, but your still going to pay and I promise you I will enjoy every moment of your pain.”
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