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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, April 20, 2014

#SPeekSunday-Dark Desire Book 4 of Dark Breed Enforcers

Happy Easter Sunday all!
 I'm very excited to let you guys know a release date for June has been set by my publisher, Evernight so very soon it will be available in eBook form for all the read. So without further delay here is another sneak peek of Dark Desire.
Temple Fox refuses to give Amari Oman's Seal. An artifact with devastating  destructive capabilities
Temple will do everything in his power to keep in out of her hands, even when Amari betrays his identity to the Preservation Society. An organization formed to eradicate all Dark Breeds from existence. 


 Lucien led them past the stairwell, the sound of angry voices and pounding feet grew louder as they ran past, stopping at a door labeled janitorial supplies. The door barely shut behind them when the sound shouts, breaking glass and furniture being overturned carried to their hiding place.
Mob mentality at its finest, Temple thought dryly, and the Enforcers wondered why he wouldn't lift a finger to help a human.

The space was tight with the three of them crammed in-between buckets, mops and cleansers. He squeezed Leola’s hand in reassurance, noticing, even with the dim lighting from one single overhead bulb, the paleness of her face, fear haunting her dark eyes. The sharp stab of anger surged through his system, hating Amari even more for putting his woman in such danger.

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