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The Romance Reviews

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - The Good and The Awesome!

Happy Monday!
Yeah, I know, not so loud. Monday's should be walked through very carefully since they set the tone for your whole week, thus this pic came to mind.
So what's the good and awesome? Well, the good is I'm back hard at work on Firestorm the second book in my newest series which will come out this summer. I can't tell you how excited I am about this series which jumps through all different periods in history. The history nerd in me is jumping up and down with happiness. Then when you mix it with my second biggest love, paranormal romance, let me just say my muse is humming a very happy tune.
Now for the awesome. I've been asked to teach a workshop at the Orange County Romance Writers of America this Saturday. I am getting to share my world building with other writers who share the same passion for writing as I. I'm a California girl who used to live in Orange County and with my Hot Mojave Knight committee members in tow I get to show them some of the sights I grew up with. So, after we are through for the day we will be heading to Santa Monica Pier and hope to have time to take them to Hollywood Blvd.
Due to the California trip taking all weekend, next Monday's blog may come later in the week. And on that note I'll bid you all a great week and will talk to you all later.

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