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Monday, September 8, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Countdown to Hot Mojave Knights and More!

Happy Monday!
Here is a powerful pic and a beautiful tattoo on his shoulder and bicep is not too bad either.

Well, at this moment in time Hot Mojave Knights is only three weeks away! So much still to do, but it's all last minute details. A year of planning and I find myself both excited and sad. Such is the way these things go when you work a whole year to bring an event to reality. 

What I love about it is how different each year it will be. The events schedule is created by our featured and spotlight authors. It guarantees that each Hot Mojave Knights will have different events. This makes each year a unique experience. And as this one gears up my committee and I are already planning next years.

In addition to Hot Mojave Knights I was asked by an awesome author Sarafina Donovan to join her in a paranormal anthology. And of course I had to jump at the chance to work with her and a group of other awesome writers. Deadline is October 1st for 15k to 18k word story so I am spending some of my spare time on this. Then around the middle of October I am free again to finish Firestorm and prepare for release days. 

Release days is my favorite part of writing. After having no feedback at all you get to put your baby out there in the world, then pray your ass off it is well received. We writers must have a twisted skew on life to put ourselves through anxiety hell like that, but the reward is so worth it. The connection with a reader who really gets your work is an amazing high. Yeah, and THAT's why we do it folks. For those readers who follow, encourage and keep with you no matter what.  It's a wonderful connection that I hold close to my heart and am thankful for everyday.

And that is why I put myself through all the craziness. For without the readers why do it?

Well back to the writing and preparations for my dream event Hot Mojave Knights. In case you don't know, this is our second year and has been something I dreamed about having in Las Vegas for many years. It begins September 25 to 28 at Sunset Station in Henderson Nevada. If you are in the area come on by the free book signing and say hi. 

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