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The Romance Reviews

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Hot Mojave Knights 2014

Happy Monday Friends!

Well, the little convention that could...did and boy did it turn out to be a success! Of course the applause is not mine to take, it belongs to each author who attended and the readers who came. They worked hard on their panels, events and workshops. While us, the three committee members did the planning, when registration time came it became their baby to grow.
Here are a few pics of Hot Mojave Knights 2014 or better known as HMK 2014

More of our men and author Emerald

Men and Bloggers of HMK2014

Just a couple of our wonderful readers
Committee and some authors and bloggers

Committee and author Nikki Prince

Just one of the many panels we had going for HMK 2014

In a few weeks I will have many more pictures for this event available on the HMK website so be sure to check out the gallery we will be adding at

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