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The Romance Reviews

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Pick Me Up

Yumm no wonder I like chocolate.

Happy Monday to everyone! Hope everyone had a productive week. I have been as usual very busy as well. Since last Wednesday was my birthday I celebrated by taking a few days off work so I could write and do other things that having a full time job on top of writing I never get a chance to do. I want to thank all my Facebook friends for their birthday wishes there were so many I was actualy humbled by it. I love all of you guys!

I am two weeks away from the release day of Dark Passion Rising and have been busy with guest blogs and promoting. I will be a guest on the talented and wonderful author CR Moss's blog set for March 25th and will be giving away a copy of my new book. I am also interviewd on 100 Romances Project blog on the same day. That will promise to be a very busy day! I have pinned Marcus Valerian down and he is going on my Blog on April 20th. So as usual stay tuned for more about what's happening next week.

Have a wonderful Week!

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