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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beloved Wizard-Book1 Kinghts of Excalibur #BHooks

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Welcome to another installment of Beloved Wizard. When writing this it originally started out as an idea for a horror anthology about Frankenstein's Monster called Beloved Monster. When the book fell through I decided to change it. For years the Arthurian legends really bugged me.  Guinevere was always the villain, an adulteress who betrayed Arthur and helped in the destruction of Camelot. Well, now was my chance to show the other side of the same coin. After all. there are always two sides to the same story. Here is the last installment of Beloved Wizard so enjoy the love story between Merlin, reincarnated as Drake and Merci the one woman he can't live without.

Viviane’s electric blue eyes honed in on Merci and she fought the impulse to squirm under that piercing gaze.

“It is good that you fight beside your man, but you must know you are no match for my sister alone.”

“I am not one to walk away from a fight,” Merci’s voice held a note of challenge.

“No, I suppose you’re not,” Viviane mused. “The amulet you spelled is strong and will help Merlin-Drake momentarily against Nimue’s curse.”

“It’s just Drake, Viviane,” he corrected. “Is there something you can do to lift this curse from us?”

Merci held her breath as Viviane mulled it over.
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              Thank you for your wonderful comments the past few weeks. Starting next week we start the journey with Book 2 of The Knights of Excalibur, The Knights Druid.



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