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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love is...Spring Fling Blog Hop!

Welcome to my blog! Yes, love is so many things to many people. For me love is spring. The world awakens with so many possibilities. The days get longer and the weather warmer. It's the perfect setting to fall in love or rekindle the love you already have.
 With spring here what better way to celebrate than with a wonderful giveaway blog hop? For my small part in this wonderful hop I am giving away a PDF of your choice of the first book of either my Dark Breed Enforcer series Dark Passion Rising or Beloved Wizard from my Knights of Excalibur series. All that is required is to finish the sentence
love is...
Here is a little blurb about the two books I'm offering up for this.
Tambra Ellis has just had her world turned upside down! Surviving a bite from a Lycan, attracted to one hot vampire guy and now she has to look forward to turning into something from some bad werewolf movie.
          Marcus Valerian has enough on his plate without the added complication of Tambra Ellis. Fiery and independent? Sure. Beautiful with a body made for sin? Oh Yeah. And a human cop. Tambra is everything he needs to stay away from.
    As leader of the Tribunal’s enforcers it’s up to him to find out why the Dark Breeds are going feral and killing humans in ever increasing numbers. Tambra’s life is in the balance as the secrets of her past place her in the middle of old deceits and a betrayal that will change the world forever.
     Will Marcus and Tambra’s love survive or will it be too late.
Arthur and his Knights are back and ready to kick ass!
 Merci Tramaine is not happy to be called back into service by her old boss Arthur, especially when she is charged to find her missing ex lover. Drake Monroe is Merlin reincarnated, with his powers bound by the Goddess Nimue he has become a skilled fighter, but no match for Nimue who kidnapped him determined to destroy him forever.
The bloodline of Morgan Le Fey taints Merci keeping her on the edge between light and dark, the Goddess’s wicked trap springs shut leaving both Drake and Merci racing against the clock. Passions ignite once again, but are they too late to plan a future or will they be torn from each other?
This time for eternity.
Remember to enter for your chance at one of my PDF's all you need do is put in the comments what love is to you and your email address. I will be emailing the winner on Tuesday March 25th!
Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter information so you can be considered for the following:
*Special THANKS goes out to Blushing Books and authors Sue Lyndon, Patty Devlin and Cara Bristol for their contributions to the Grand Prizes!! :)
Here’s the Grand Prize list:
1 Kindle Fire (Donated by Blushing Books)
1 $75 Amazon (or B&N) Gift Card
1 $25 Starbucks Gift Card (Donated by Sue)
1 $25 Blushing Books Gift Card (Donated by Patty)
1 $25 Loose Id Gift Card (Donated by Cara)

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