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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - My Crazy Life So Far

Happy Monday All
I love the energy coming from the graffiti background of this great pick of a beautiful male blond.
Well, it's been a crazy week since last I blogged. Sorry to have missed you all last week, but couldn't be helped. Real life interfered big time as I became mired in my day job. There are times when no matter how hard you try, your work can devour you and not in a good way.
Now, with some of the demands off of me I can breath and my muse is free to once again.
I have a hell of a lot of catch up to do missing a week of writing time really set me behind so now every free moment I'll be chained to the computer.
In between writing I do have a road trip to Brea, California coming up. I'm a guest speaker for the Orange County RWA on April 12th and am looking forward to a great time catching up with friends and meeting new ones.
Hot Mojave Knights is gearing up for one hell of a great time this year and have many great authors signing up to be a part of the fun this September.
Well, back to work, hope you have a happy and productive week and see you next Monday.

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