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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dark Desire Book 4 Dark Breed Enforcers -#SPeekSunday

Warning-This peek contains a small amount of sexual content. If you prefer your romance sweet and intimate encounters implied, you may not want to read this weeks peek.
For those of you who don't mind a tiny tease of sex I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to another sneak peek of the next installment of Dark Desire, Book 4 in the Dark Breed Enforcers series.
A destiny he can no longer deny
Being heir to the throne of Atlantis is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially if you live under a world altering prophecy he is powerless to prevent. Ze’Kerhia is simply known as Zeke, the computer wizard and fighter for the branch of Enforcers lead by Marcus Valerian. He must now return to a life he walked away from in order to save a friend. Forced into a marriage to a woman he never met. Worse, she is Lemurian, a long standing enemy of Atlantis for thousands of years.
A brutal betrayal
One look at Laris Raail and Zeke knows he’s in trouble. He is captivated by her stunning dark beauty and grace, but more, he senses an intelligent and caring woman beneath which stirs his blood like no other could. With hopes high for the future he is unprepared to find a Lemurian dagger buried deep in his heart by the hand of his new bride, Laris.
A deadly plot revealed
Acting on a tip, Zeke finds Laris after seven long months of searching. Revenge his only motive. He is unprepared when he finds Laris with no memory of her past or even her name. It doesn’t take much time before Zeke realizes they are being hunted. Caught in a plot so treacherous, the dark breeds and humans alike may be unable to prevent the war it would spark. It’s up to the two of them to try and prevent more bloodshed and reveal the traitor in their midst.
Can they survive long enough to prevent the slaughter of innocent lives? Or will they too, perish before revealing who is behind a plot to enslave the world.
Sneak Peek:
His hands cupped her firm ass, pulling her closer to his raging erection, his body hard and burning with need, he rode a razors edge of control, almost beyond any chance of blunting the edge of his desire. He moved his attention to her other breast, biting lightly on her hard nipple, she gave a half groan, half gasp as she grabbed his tee shirt and tugged it up with frantic urgency. Releasing her breast, he lifted his head allowing her to pull his shirt off, nearly taking his shades with it. He released her, making a grab for them before they flew off his face.
“No, I have to see you. Please.” Her hands cupped his face, voice a soft entreaty, cracking something deep within him apart.
Déjà vu hit him hard as he remembered in vivid detail, the first time she saw him, her words and reaction etched forever on his heart at her calm acceptance. But this was not the same woman he married, she held no memories of him.
“Lari, I…shit.” Words died, how could he tell her how she twisted him up inside. No one ever got to him like her. His weakness.
She frowned, a shock of pain flashing through her gaze. “I’ve heard that name before. If only I could hold on to it long enough…Damn.” She swore releasing him to rub her temples. “Whenever I try to remember it feels like someone is cracking my skull in two with an axe.”
He brushed her fingers away, massaging her temples with soothing strokes, her relief palpable as her body relaxed against his. He couldn’t help the punch of arousal spreading low at the contact of her bare breasts against his chest, her nipples poking into his sensitive flesh was impossible to ignore.
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