The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Sunday, September 18, 2011

     Time for another six from Passions Flight. While Tegan is busy finding the wayward Archaeologist, Marcus is in a quandary. With no leadership to bring the Dark Breeds together how can they live a peaceful existence with humanity?

       Marcus frowned, concern for Tambra darkening his eyes, "Temple Fox has been too quiet since the uprising I don’t trust it or him.”
     “Screw Temple we’ll deal with him when the time comes. As for the other the lack of new leadership,  I know just the person who could bring them all together.”
     “Who do you know that’s so capable?” He smiled softly taking a moment to relish the softness of her palm on his skin before taking her hand in his and threading his fingers through hers.
     She gave him a sexy grin showing a flash fangs. “You of course.”

See you for another six next week.