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The Romance Reviews

Friday, February 7, 2014

El Pregio the Price of Passion by Jean Maxwell

Following your passions, whether in your past, present or future, comes at a price.
Happily in love with engineer David Parker, and pursuing her new career as CEO of Flynn Enterprises in sunny Spain, architect Zara Flynn’s idyllic world is shaken to the core with a single text message. She must return home to Montreal to deal with an apartment break-in and the theft of her car. At the same time, her heart is put on the line by a woman from Dave’s past who claims to be pregnant with his child.
Her mind reeling, she flees to Montreal to do damage control on her property, landing in the arms of an old flame who spares no expense in trying to win her back. Exhausted and vulnerable, she is charmed by his attention, but can he be trusted?
Zara is torn between two worlds, when the most devastating news of all is revealed. Can she make things right with Dave, or has she already lost him to another woman?

As you all are aware I don't give out many reviews, being very busy most of my time is spent between juggling  writing, a day job and putting on Hot Mojave Knights a reader event here in Las Vegas. But there are times when I see something special in an author that I must give kudos's to. With so many books out there it's easy to overlook a great book. Such is the case with Jean Maxwell's Spanish Seduction series. This is the second book of the series, the first is El Mirador which begins the tale between Zara Flynn and David Parker. I have not read the first book (yet) and was very pleased to find I never go lost in the plot. She weaves the story throughout the book without any background dumping, which I can tell you from experience is not always an easy thing to do.
El Pregio starts up where El Mirador leaves off. While Zara and David begin to settle into their relationship, there are those conspiring to pull them apart for their own selfish gains. Trust and letting go of the past are the lessons both characters must learn. Lessons we all go through ourselves in a new relationship.
Ms Maxwell weaves a story of unforgettable love. You find yourself rooting for them after the first chapter.  Her antagonists are well written, their flaws and fears so relatable that you find yourself wanting them redeemed even after all they put Zara and David through. 
I started reading this book not sure what to expect. I've gotten tired of thin plots where sex is the main focal point. Don't get me wrong, I write sex in my books when needed, but I have found far too many lately which have left me feeling cheated. Ms. Maxwell on the other hand gives you intimate and hot as hell sex where you are completely invested in the feelings of the characters.
I am looking forward to much more from this author in the future. This is one author you don't want to pass up.


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