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The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday -Gearing Up for a Very Busy Spring!

My character inspiration for Rogan Nauld of Firestorm. It only seemed fitting to have him adorn this blog post since I'm hard at work on his story. Firestorm will be out this summer just a few months after Soul Fire officially releases.
Dark Breed Enforcer fans have no fear, I've also got the next book going and if everything times right you won't have too long a wait for it.
Spring is coming and I seem to be getting even busier, a good thing for the most part, but can be exhausting. Juggling a day job can make life a bit more complicated when all you want to do is curl up to you computer and write. The real world keeps knocking on the door demanding bills to be paid.
So the juggling act continues. Thankfully it's only eight hours a day I'm committed to, and the rest of the time it's writing, fitting in some time for hubby and housework.
Oh, and I can't forget Hot Mojave Knights! Things are heating up for the event as more interest is being generated daily.
After September I may need a sabbatical somewhere nice and quiet where I can vegetate for a week and maybe just read and paint? Nah, I already know my muse will insist on talking about some plot or character which just has to tell his story. But that's the way of a writers life. Creativity strikes when it wishes and you just have to grab on tight and take the ride.
And on that note friends it's time for me to get back to work, have an awesome week and we will talk again. 

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