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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enter Their World -Dark Hunter Book 3 -#MFRWBookHooks

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Welcome to another edition to my most recent release Dark Hunter. Mari has survived thousands of years of loneliness, her only love killed before her eyes. Or so she thought until he walked into her bar The Asp and everything she knew came crashing down around her. 

I will always be there for you


She shook her head hard as Navar’s words swirled inside her head. Words spoken to her as she’d opened her eyes and saw him for the first time. Her first memory when she awoke as vampire. But it was a lie, and a sharp stab of pain struck deep in her heart.
He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly she didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. Not right now anyway. With a firm shake of her head, she raised one hand to stop him. “Forget it. There is nothing you can say. Just go.”


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