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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Snippet-Dark Desire Inspiration

For some reason Book Hooks is experiencing a technical problem, or my computer is just being stubborn, can't tell which since technology is NOT my forte. So in the spirit of Book Hooks I am giving you a snippet of my fourth book in the Dark Breed Enforcer series, due out this spring.
This beautiful man you see here was my inspiration for Zeke, the only thing missing is his shades. 
So, here is a small taste of Dark Desire hope you enjoy.
Zeke bit out a vicious curse as he tore hell through the alley, his boots pounding the pavement with in a quick thumping tempo. He burst out the alley turning a sharp right, startled to find a homeless man pushing a grocery cart full of his belongings right in his path. The old man cried attempting to move out of the way abandoning his belongings in a frantic effort to avoid the collision.
Gathering his strength, muscles bunching he leapt. His long legs carrying him clear of the cart. The heavy thump of his boots on the concrete, drowned out by the old man cussing him out. Zeke ignored it, bolting forward, his arms pumping to give him greater speed. His eyes riveted ahead at the dark haired lycan sprinting ahead of him.
God damn Pure Bloods.
He didn’t have time for this shit. He thought he kept upwind of Lucien’s sensitive nose. As he chased after Temple Fox’s top dog…or wolf, he cursed the March winds notorious in the Las Vegas valley. Shifting direction with a sudden micro burst of air Lucien stiffened, raising his head to sniff the air and just that quick he’d been made.
The quick and easy grab and dash for Oman’s Seal dying a quick death as the asshole took off leading him a merry chase through old town Las Vegas. So far the crowds have been sparse, but he knew his luck wouldn’t last. When it came to the lycan it never did.

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