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The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Dark Desire finished and Firestorm underway!

Welcome to another Monday edition of Pick Me Up Monday!
This should get you perked up for the day, what I wouldn't give to just untie that belt of his...he is such a beautiful male.
Well time to get to work, these books don't write themselves after all.
I'm happy to say Donna Newman is the winner of the Hearts of Fire blog hop and just got the PDF's for the Dark Breed Enforcer series. Thanks to all of those who left a comment. It was a tough call to make and ended up going to random to pick my winner.
I'm finished with Dark Desire -Whoo hoo! Putting "The End" on a WIP always leave me feeling sad and elated. Sad that the story has come to it conclusion and elated because I can start to work on another world and immerse myself with another set of awesome characters.
Though Zeke's story may be done the Dark Breed Enforcers have more tales to tell as their world get darker and much more dangerous. I must admit I'm enjoying where this series is taking me and can't wait to share this latest installment with you.
Another project is Firestorm, the second book in the Guardians of Drakkan series. Both books are due out in Summer and I must admit to being quite happy to expend all my focus on getting this book completed. Both Soul fire and this book will be released close to each other, while the third will be ready early next year. I'm very excited about this series since I get to use all the useless knowledge filling my noggin when it comes to history. You may be surprised at where the next dragon shape shifter ends up. That's all I'll say at this time.
Well back to the keyboard, hope your week is productive and see you next Monday!

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