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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seven Days of Paranormal Delight- Day Three Reap what you Sow by AR Von

Welcome day three of this special edition I am running on my blog this week. This collection is sure to warm up your cold nights as these authors offer up men so hot they will make you burn for more. 

For seven days I will be treating you to seven paragraphs from the seven writers of When the Night Comes. The anthology is available for a limited time on Amazon for only .99 cents so get your e-book today or you can buy the paperback for $13.31.  

Now here is a taste of Reap what you Sow, the third book in the anthology

I’ve stopped counting the souls I’ve sent where they belonged after my first year of reaping. It was too much for me and my animal loving heart to handle. I know the number is high after all of these years, too high. Many times, I’ve tried to fight it, fight the pull a Reaper gets when the time to free a soul is near.
It’s useless, senseless, non-fightable. I've tried everything from going into the underworld to tying myself to a boulder or tree with chains! Nothing works. As soon as the time comes POOF! There I am. There’s no stopping it.
Today, I find myself staring at a young woman and her dog. I can sense the love and affection they have for one another flowing from her. She sits next to him, petting and speaking to him in hushed tones. Occasionally stopping, as if she’s listening to what he has to say.
Her face turns to the side as she laughs at something. It’s an adorable laugh that does something to my long dead soul.
I look at her a bit more closely and swear my eyes have never witnessed such immense beauty.
Hair the color of flame, skin a white as a porcelain doll, lips so full and defined, so perfect. I want to see more of her, have to see more of her so I move closer, ever so slowly. My heart makes its presence known the closer I get to her. I breathe slow and deep to get it to calm, an error on my part for all the action does is bring her scent to my senses. So clean and fresh, the hot sun on the grass after a sprinkle of rain, such beautiful essence for such an exquisite woman.
I’m captivated and in trouble. This woman will never give me a thought or a glance once she finds out who I am. I’m not even sure if it’s possible for a Reaper to feel what I’m feeling, or to be with a woman.
I was always told that once a Reaper is chosen, all emotion basically shuts itself off. That’s never happened for me and it makes every day even more torturous. I’ve done my best to ignore it since given the task of Reaper. But this—this feeling I have for this female is impossible to ignore.

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